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I don't know anything about Israel, Teach me!


Welcome to IsraeliVacation.com, if you want to plan a vacation to Israel, visit Israel or maybe just get information and learn more about The Holy Land- You are in the right place! 

Israel is a small country on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, the country has only been around since 1948 and in that small time period has accomplished many things that other countries, sometimes centuries old, haven't accomplished yet. 

The biggest miss conception about Israel is that it’s a third world country; nothing can be farther than the truth and the majority of people who visit Israel come to that exact realization. Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, its technological achievements are known throughout the world (even though most people don't know that these technologies were developed in Israel), and its economy has been described as nothing short of a miracle, especially after the 2008 world economy crises.

So after we've alleviated some of your fears let's talk about this website's purpose- To get People to come and visit Israel. A vacation in Israel is not only a visit to the Holy Land and the holy places; it is a touristic adventure which includes modern cities, beautiful wild landscapes, amazing beaches, beautiful people and much more…

Take a Look around; we've compiled a list of places to visit in Israel, a list of hotels in Israel and a list of all the Airlines that fly to and from Tel Aviv (where the Ben-Gurion airport- Israel's international airport is located). We also have a lot of information about Israel and its history, places of interest and much more… So come on take a tour of our website and then take a             vacation to Israel, you are guaranteed a good time. 

I already Know about Israel, I just want to plan my Trip to Israel...


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